OrangeHRM: A stable, easy to use HR system

Is your business locked into a relatively expensive and time consuming HR management system? Go open source with OrangeHRM!

OrangeHRM is a comprehensive and totally free human resource management system designed for small and medium-sized companies. Since OrangeHRM is open source, it’s extremely stable and rarely requires patching or upgrading. Features included with the free version include robust HR database capabilities, built-in personnel reports, performance assessements, vacation and time off management, a recruitment module, pay scale management, and attendance management.

Installation & Migration

We have the expertise to handle the installation and deployment of OrangeHRM, even onto your Windows-based network. We can even handle the migration of your HR data from your closed source system.

Integration & Customization

OrangeHRM supports LDAP making integration a snap. We can integrate OrangeHRM with other mission critical closed source systems in which your organization may already be deeply invested.

Versions & Editions

OrangeHRM comes in three flavors: Open Source, Professional, and Enterprise. We have the expertise to explain the differences and fully handle the implementation of the version which best fits your organizational needs.

Support & Training

We can train your staff on the usage of OrangeHRM and its modules. We also offer tiered email, instant chat, or 24-hours telephone support services. Ask us about our support packages.

OrangeHRM is used by Stanley Black&Decker

OrangeHRM is a comprehensive open source HRM (Human Resource Management) system which is perfect for small and medium sized businesses. Since OrangeHRM is open soruce, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of support for the system.


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September 30, 2014