StatusNet: An open source microblogging platform

The exchange of information is the essence of tech savvy business. The metadata that defines business processes should be accessible anywhere, on any device, especially on our phones and on the go.

StatusNet is a microblogging platform like Twitter but hosted on your business network, connected to your mission critical network resources, and managed by key personnel. StatusNet helps your organization knock down the information silos that constrict the flexibility of your internal business operations and allows managers to get instant updates on key processes, to monitor internal informational trends, to push out information in an internally public format, and finally to data hungry customers who want continual updates on the status of their orders. Replace your internal information flow, currently locked in email, with a microblogging platform to encourage information sharing and cross-department process auditing.

Connect StatusNet to a text messaging (SMS) gateway and get a powerful, mobile messaging platform, giving internal and external customers constant access to your business processes outside of your business network. Connect StatusNet to your mission critical MIS systems and you’ve got a highly accessible platform which generates mission critical information without the need for users to spend time re-entering text updates.

Installation & Deployment

We have the expertise to handle the installation and deployment of StatusNet onto your network. We can make StatusNet part public, part private, giving both internal and external customers access to critical information. We can virtualize your installation to reduce downtime and ensure full availability of the system.

Integration & Templating

StatusNet includes basic template support, so we can make StatusNet fit right in with the look and feel of internal network, encouraging internal adoption. We can even integrate StatusNet with your mission critical MIS or ERP system, creating a power micro-messaging platform with information flowing from your existing systems setup.

Customization & Virtualization

We can customize StatusNet to work like you want it to work. Let us virtualize your installation of StatusNet to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Support & Training

Using StatusNet is quite easy. We offer tiered email, instant chat, or 24-hours telephone support services. Ask us about our support packages.

StatusNet Powers Dozens of Free Twitter-like Sites

StatusNet is an open source and completely free Twitter-like microblogging platform. Since StatusNet is open source, it is extremely stable, easy to customize, requires little updating, and can do just about anything you can think of.


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September 30, 2014