WordPress: The DIY website platform

Are you paying another company to do what should be simple tasks like updating existing web pages or creating new pages on your company website? Then WordPress is for you. If you can use a computer you can run your own website.

Take control of your website with WordPress, the world’s premier do-it-yourself website platform. WordPress is free to download and use, maintained by hundreds of enthusiasts from all over the word, is supported by a database of over 30,000 plugins and themes, and has been deployed some 60 million times.

Put WordPress in the center of your information architecture and offer a single sign-on website for your staff and customers alike, creating a consistent experience across your company’s web assets.

Installation & Configuration

Because it’s open source, installing WordPress is a snap. Adding users and setting up security is a snap. Setting up plugins and installing new themes is a snap. Creating a blog on top of your website content is a snap.

Themes & Plugins

WordPress has thousands of free themes & plugins. It’s easy to change the way your website looks with the click of a button, on your own. Looking for some extended functionality? Chances are there’s a free plugin for it.

WordPress Customization

Looking for something beyond a standard company website? We can extend and customize WordPress to fit your particular business needs so your website stands out to prospective and existing customers.

Migration to WordPress

Whether your website backend is unwieldy or you’re paying a webmaster for every little update, we have the expertise to seamlessly move all of your content data over to WordPress.

WordPress Integration

We have the expertise to integrate WordPress not only with the many other open source projects featured on this site, but also with your mission critical information systems.

Support & Training

We can train your staff users or help you create an in-office power user. Even non-technical members of your staff can administer the site and solve problems on their own.

WordPress powers 19% of the web

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS). Since WordPress is community maintained, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of support for the system. Like a seasoned sales rep, the system is virtually guaranteed to get better with age. Discover the power of open source with WordPress today.


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September 30, 2014