Wouldn’t it be great if your staff shared more of the critical information required to run your business efficiently? Time to knock down those information silos with Mediawiki, an open source documentation management system based on the same software that runs Wikipedia, only it’s for your internal network.

Use Mediawiki to document your internal processes, to store mission critical files, and to formalize the relationship between your company’s different departments. Use Mediawiki to store internal knowledge of compliance standards and other complex processes. Use it to protect your business from unexpected turnover. Use Mediawiki to train your staff to solve their own computer and software problems!

Once you commit to a wiki-based documentation system you will never go back. Mediawiki turns staff’s knowledge and experience into an permanent informational company asset.

Installation & Migration

We have the expertise to install and deploy your Mediawiki documentation management system on your internal network quickly and affordably. We can even handle the migration of your existing documentation, whether it’s in Word, Excel, or even email.

Themes & Extensions

We can make Mediawiki look however you’d like, whether that be simply adding your logo or making it look like your company website. Mediawiki, like all open source systems, is easily extendible and comes with thousands of free plugins, like Google Maps and more.

Integrate & Customize

In addition to integrating it with any open source syste, we can integrate Mediawiki into your existing internal network to ensure the documentation system adheres to your established security protocols. We can ensure your information remains secure both internally and externally.

Support & Training

We can train your staff on the usage of Mediawiki, including documentation best practices. Although extremely stable, we can fully support the system. Ask us about our support plans today.

Mediawiki powers Wikipedia, the 6th most popular website in the world

Mediawiki is an open source document magagement system which is free for any company to use. Since Mediawiki is open source and highly stable, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of support for the system.


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September 30, 2014