ownCloud: Advanced File Sharing & Collaboration

ownCloud is first a cutting-edge file exchange solution. Uploading and sharing files using ownCloud is done easily from any web browser. Moreover, file sharing is link based, so it’s easy to share large files with any number of people in an email. Think of ownCloud as your very own Dropbox or Google Drive, right in the comfort of your own office network.

ownCloud opens up many doors for companies looking to stand out in terms of sophistication. Since ownCloud is open source, it’s easy to integrate with your other critical IT infrastructure. If ownCloud sits on the inside of your company network, you can move files over to it using any network computer. Users on the outside can upload files easily using any web browser.

ownCloud even comes with its desktop & mobile sync clients, so your users are always in the know about their files. ownCloud is also a robust collaboration and contact management platform.

Installation & Migration

ownCloud is free to use and built on open source, so installation is a snap. Adding users and setting up security groups is easy. Migrating your folder structure over to ownCloud is as easy as copying data from one folder to the next.

Hosting & Setup

Whether you want to host ownCloud on your internal network or use it from the outside as a branded Dropbox-like file exchange solution, we can have the complete setup of your system, including hosting.

ownCloud Customization

Since ownCloud is open source, customizing it is easy. We can make ownCloud look the way you want it to look. Adding your company logo is easy. For a more integrated look, we can develop a theme so your ownCloud fits in with your other web assets.

ownCloud Integration

Integration with your network is easy using built-in LDAP support. Security can be controlled at the domain level. We can integrate ownCloud with your other file-related systems to complement those systems with cutting edge file exchange features.

Extend with Apps

ownCloud is maintained and supported by a robust community of open source contributors. There are hundreds of free ownCloud apps in their app store. If we can’t find a free app that does what you need, we can develop it for you.

Support & Maintenance

We offer comprehensive training for your users, managers, and administrators. Starting your company off right with good, personalized, and attentive training can transform your business. Ask about our support plans.

ownCloud is the leading open source cloud-based file exhange system

ownCloud is an open source collaboration platform with a focus on file exchange. Since ownCloud is open source, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of support for the system. Contrary to closed source solutions, ownCloud is guaranteed to improve with time.


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September 30, 2014